Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two Magical Little Ladies and a House Covered in Amazingness.

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Today, I'm posting a few photos from my October 2009 trip to Bath, England. As this was our third trip over there, my husband and I spent a little over a week exploring the UK, taking as much time as we wished in our chosen cities and just shooting photos--oh, and eating way too much. And don't worry... I'm not going to post all 4000 pictures. I promise.

Victoria Park Botanical Gardens. These two ladies make me smile. They rounded the bend behind me, chatting away and clutching their point and shoot cameras in hand. I just stepped aside and waited for them to move on ahead of me. Something magical about them.

Also in the Botanical Gardens. And the two ladies in the picture above were taking photos of it as well. Just adored them. :)

Royal Victoria Park. An 11-year-old Princess Victoria opened this park in 1830 (the Botanical Gardens is enclosed within the Royal Victoria Park). Lots and lots of young children and waterfowl roamed the park, although none are visible here... interesting. Also here, we found a skate park, as well as bowling, tennis, and putting greens. But it appears we missed quite a bit! Click here for more info: Royal Victoria Park, Bath

A friend of mine saw this next photo, and said, "Oh my gosh, I really want my house covered in amazingness when i grow up." Yeah. Me, too.

On the River Avon in Bath.

Our first trip to Bath had taken place about 18 months earlier when we were on a tour and had spent just over an hour there. Back then, we only had enough time to tour the Roman Baths. So, we feel fortunate to have been able to return so we could explore more of the historic and absolutely gorgeous city.

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*photography by michele cwiertny

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Michele said...

In Addition to this post: all photos were taken by me, Michele Cwiertny.