Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! And MCMF Holiday Challenge Getting Closer to $3K on @Crowdrise

Happy New Year! Here's to a very happy and healthy 2012. 

Thank you very much to everyone for the amazing support of The Matt Cwiertny Memorial Foundation in 2011. We couldn't continue the fight against EBV and EBV-Associated Diseases in Matt's name without your help, so Thank You!! You're making a difference and helping us save lives. You're all incredible people.

On that note, we still have our MCMF Holiday Challenge on CrowdRise running until January 11th. Right now, we're only $867 from the $3K mark! Who will help us reach that milestone? Let's start off our 2012 research grant with a BANG and really push these first couple weeks of the new year. 

Let's help find a CURE. Let's help other families. 

Thank you,
Michele Cwiertny

To help out our MCMF Holiday Challenge, please click HERE.